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Season’s greetings everyone…



Well, 2014 has been a joy and a success for Heaven 17, and it looks like 2015 is going to be our busiest year yet! Here is a list of our forthcoming concerts – all confirmed – with quite a few more to come…

We look forward to seeing you all and saying hello at many of these – we’re particularly looking forward to the Jazz Café dates as we’re planning several surprises (well, we have to keep it interesting for all of us, don’t we?)

Of course, Glenn and I are continuing to work on the new album, and we have a few other surprises in store on that front also…

And BEF will be resurrected in 2015 – watch this space for an exciting announcement in January

Finally – thanks to all our loyal fans – without your encouragement we wouldn’t be able to carry on with the energy and commitment we bring to Heaven 17 – we truly believe in your ‘love energy’ (in the words of the great Angie Brown!) – we are forever in your debt…

Here are next year’s confirmed dates – lots more to be confirmed in January…Merry Christmas from M&G and all at H17HQ xx


6 Paisley, Town Hall

7 St Albans, Alban Arena


10 Wakefield,Warehouse 23

11 Barrow in Furness, Forum

17 London, Jazz Cafe

18 London, Jazz Cafe


22  Brighton, Concorde 2

29 Norwich, Waterfront

30 Warwick, The Cooper Rooms


5 Oxford, O2

6 Wrexham, William Aston Hall

19 Hebden, The Trades Club

20 Leeds, Let’s Rock Leeds

27 Grasssington Festival, with ABC


10 Holmfirth, Picturedrome

11 Southampton, Let’s Rock Southampton


2 London, Garage

31 Manchester, Academy

Whitby Goth Weekend Review


Just stumbled across this, so thought we’d share   (With thanks to catonthewall.net)WGW-Fri-611

Then Dracula (or Martyn Ware, if you like.) stepped onto the stage.

Holy shit, the crowd went mental.

Heaven 17 blew me away. And that’s no easy feat – this was seriously hard hitting stuff. With three lovely ladies providing pretty damn stunning choral vocals, a mass of atmosphere and a performance that went above and beyond their studio material, this is a band that lived and breathed what the weekend stood for. All in some sort of spooky get up – Joker style make up, the aforementioned count, black dresses and face paint, Halloween truly was the order of the night. Glenn Gregory’s vocals are still perfectly in check, and such was their draw that to reach the entrance to the hall was now rendered impossible.

What was a crowd loosely scattered across the venue was now a crowd throwing itself forward at this group of 1980s rowdies providing some of the finest I’ve ever seen on the Pavilion stage. Not a single negative mark here – their performance was thorough, full in volume and breadth and, perhaps most importantly, chock full of communication and humour that made every member of the audience feel comfortable and at home watching the group play – whether young or old. Despite being one of the more established groups performing this weekend, we got firm introductions and even discussion and a little bit of history. This is a serious asset to any live performance, and 17 flourished on getting the crowd – and every person on stage – involved. We even got a cheeky cover of a Human League track. That’ll do for me, lads!

This is evidently a band that have mastered themselves over their career – to the point that their studio material seems rather pale in comparison. The group surprised, entertained and left me utterly amazed as they stepped proudly off of the stage, capes flapping in the wind.

This is not a group of old boys, and they’re far from irrelevant, either. They’re smart, they’re loaded with satire and commentary on the background they were born from and they sound absolutely fantastic. It’s a sheer spectacle to see such a large group of people work to such an inimitable standard.

If you get a chance to see these chaps performing? Stalk them. Stalk them to the ends of the Earth – they’re bloody brilliant.


Live Dates for 2015

_DSC4244Heaven 17 are excited to announce the first of many Live dates for 2015. Wakefield and Barrow tickets will be available from Monday 1st December.  Others available soon … Watch this space!

End of Tour…Thank You!

leamington crowd


Hello everyone,
What a fantastic tour! – thanks to all the H17 band, management and crew, we couldn’t have done it without you…
Thanks to Blancmange for their kindness and their great music
But most of all to our amazing and loyal fans – you are what keep us doing what we do and keep us going!
Thanks for everything – and just you wait for the new album…and many more gigs next year
Heaven 17 salute you all….
Martyn and Glenn xxx
Photo: © 2014 Chris Youd. All Rights Reserved.

Illumination & Pray 12″ Vinyl now available to preorder

If you missed the chance to grab a copy of these limited vinyl on tour, you can now preorder the Illumination & Pray 12″ exclusively on our website HERE. Limited to 300 copied – includes digital download.